Photos from this weekends Wedding And Formal

Hi everyone have a look at some more beautiful photos of Gt Wedding Car Hire Weddings!!!

Hey guys have a look at new photos of Gt Wedding Car Hire in action

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Megan And Callan’s Wedding.

WOW, by road or air Gt wedding Car Hire can get you there in STYLE!!!!


Gt Wedding Car Hire would like to congratulate Marcelle and Aaron on their Wedding today, Perfect weather, wonderful people, what more could you ask for. We wish you both all the very best.

Spectaular Photos of Samantha And George

great photos brilliant day!!


Congratulations to Megan and Callan, on their Wedding today at Mt Lofty House it will be a fantastic day!!   Best Wishes from Gt Wedding Car Hire. Luckily, Mr Benveniste’s case was thrown out of court because he filed the wrong type of lawsuit (which we like to interpret as the judge reading the


Congratulations to Jessica and Anthony, on your Wedding today, Best Wishes to you both. Gt Wedding Car Hire

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life

Why Should You Get a Wedding Car from GT Wedding Car Hire? Your wedding is one of the most important days in your entire life. Everything has to be perfect and the event should be just the way you have always wanted it to be. For this to come true, you need to work with

The Proposal!!!!

Today’s the day to start the rest of your lives together all you have to do is say YES ¬†and let GT Wedding Car Hire take care of the rest!!   Give us a call 0418 460 600 we can get you to the church on time!!!!!. 7 clearly fake news stories that fooled the

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